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For many companies in Asia, obtaining United States ("US") patent rights, whether by filing original of United States patent applications, or through licensing agreements with US patent owners, are critical elements in securing  a solid US market position. Similarly, obtaining US trademark registrations for Asian companies launching products in the US are a necessary step in building US market identity.

X [Ventures] provides Asian companies with original U.S. patent application drafting, prosecution and licensing services based in Asia. We also handle US trademark filings and prosecutions as well as general US legal representation services for our Asian clients in the satellite, broadcasting, entertainment and high technology industries. Based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, but serving a client base throughout Asia, X [Ventures] was founded to provide Asian clients with practical, business savvy and result-oriented US legal services end-to-end from securing US intellectual property rights to deal inception and through to board representation and operation.


X [Ventures] is unique in Asia

We assist our Asian clients in securing US intellectual property rights from a base in Asia  and in transactions in the region and the West. We provide our Western clients with representation in Asian transactions. We bring to each engagement creativity and strategic perspective, an understanding of the law and of our clients' technology and business, the potential markets, and the culture at both sides of the negotiating table.

X [Ventures] provides world-class representation as varied and dynamic as the fast paced businesses our client companies are engaged in.

We help clients catch the Next Wave in Asia


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