Satellite, Cable and Broadcasting

Propelled by digitization, the Internet and regulatory changes, Asian satellite, cable and broadcasting companies are converging their businesses and how they view markets and opportunities. As new broadband satellite and cable systems are deployed in Asia, Internet access, data and video convergence and interactivity, will create new businesses where none existed before. These forces are turning broadcasters into Internet companies, and Internet companies into broadcasters, with both of these newly converged industries offering telecommunications and other enhanced services.

X [Ventures] is uniquely positioned to assist clients in today's fast paced satellite, cable and broadcasting industries. We provide counsel and representation in virtually every aspect of these cutting edge industries; from satellite procurement, launch and space segment leasing, to negotiating deals for direct-to-home (DTH) satellite television systems, set-top-boxes, and programming. We understand the business of satellite, cable and broadcasting, and provide clients' with highly personalized representation in virtually every aspect of these cutting edge and dynamic industries and markets.

X [Ventures] assists clients, end-to-end, in the digital pay television industry. On behalf of our clients we negotiate contracts to acquire broadcast technology, secure space segment capacity, license conditional access and middleware software, and negotiate set-top-box supply and distribution agreements, as well as license programming content. Equally important, as television broadcasters move into cyberspace, we assist clients in cross-media transactions, including joint ventures for launching Internet broadcasting systems via portals, and licensing television broadcast content for Internet distribution.

X [Ventures] also represents vendors of satellites, broadcast and Internet technology in dealings with regional satellite operators, broadcasters and Internet companies. Consistent with our policy on conflicts of interest, we represent satellite and technology vendors, as well as international program providers, to assist these clients in negotiating and closing deals in Asia.



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