Internet, Multimedia, Communications and Entertainment

X [Ventures] represents clients in the evolving and rapidly changing Internet, multimedia, communications and entertainment industries. Our representation covers all categories of these convergence industries, including 'conduit' companies that provide infrastructure and digital delivery platforms; 'enabling' companies that develop technologies to enable digital broadband delivery; and 'content' companies, which include both new media content developed for digital distribution, as well as the traditional entertainment industries of television and motion picture production.

X [Ventures] with its combination of business, legal and technical knowledge of these industries, is well positioned to assist multimedia and data broadcast clients as they expand and develop their businesses in the new economy. We represent clients in a broad spectrum of services including negotiating the acquisition of new technologies, securing and developing entertainment content, building out digital delivery platforms, and in the start-up phases of these emerging businesses providing part-time senior management and counseling oversight via board representation.

X [Ventures] represents clients in the 'conduit' industries, such as satellite operators, telecommunication and cable companies, as well as Internet Service Providers in a variety of areas including negotiating technology acquisition, infrastructure build-out agreements and joint venture agreements; licensing of Internet rights to content, and representing clients in negotiations for value added technology to enhance per subscriber revenues.

The tremendous growth in the areas of Internet, mobile telephony and e-commerce, and the convergence of these industries have produced a new and unique delivery channel for products and services by way of 'mobile commerce'. Mobile commerce represents a new opportunity for mobile telephone operators, manufacturers and retailers to realize the potential of the mobile phone and other devices as a service delivery channel. These channels are only now beginning to be explored as Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and 3-G wireless systems are rolled out. X [Ventures] assists clients in launching m-commerce business operations by providing services such as negotiating joint venture and technology acquisition agreements, as well as content licenses.

X [Ventures] also counsels clients in the entertainment industry, such as motion picture, television, production and special effects companies in areas that include the protection of content, licensing of intellectual property rights including Internet rights, and negotiating the acquisition and digitization of entertainment assets such as film libraries. We also assist clients in securing and protecting their intellectual property and work with our client's local legal firms to seek enforcement for rights violations.

X [Ventures] has extensive experience in representing 'enabling' companies in the computer, semiconductor and software industries. X [Ventures] experience extends across the spectrum of 'enabling' convergence industries, from broadband satellite and cable set-top box design, to companies that design custom broadband semiconductors, personal computer manufacturers, and operating system and application software companies.

In the semiconductor area, we counsel clients in the protection and licensing of patentable designs for integrated circuits and the licensing of intellectual property rights to third parties. In the computer industry, our experience covers all aspects of protection for today's computer systems, including novel graphic user interfaces ('GUIs'), system architectures, operating systems and application software. We provide clients with cutting edge advice in the protection of software via copyright, patent and trade secret, and the licensing and exploitation of such rights worldwide.




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