Intellectual Property

Intellectual property ("IP") is the most valuable asset that a convergence company owns today. Because we understand our clients' technology and business, and because of our extensive experience in counseling clients in the Silicon Valley, Hollywood and Asia, we are uniquely situated to advise on obtaining US IP rights, managing risks, and the development, protection, licensing and leveraging of our clients' intangible assets.

X [Ventures] provides an integrated approach to consulting regarding all aspects of intellectual property protection and exploitation. Our services in this area are comprehensive and literally end-to-end. They include start-up counseling for the development, application and commercialization of technology and media products and services; securing US patent, trademark and copyright rights including representation before the US Patent and Trademark Office; the development of license, distribution and joint venture arrangements; and implementing and overseeing intellectual property audits.

X [Ventures] assists clients in establishing and implementing procedures to systematically protect intellectual property and develop practical and effective mechanisms for securing intangible rights. We recommend ways that companies can protect intellectual property through a combination of patents, copyrights, trade secrets and licensing, depending on the jurisdiction.

X [Ventures] also has extensive experience in the negotiation of technology and media licenses and agreements on behalf of clients, including television programming licenses, set-top box supply and distribution agreements, end user licenses, Internet content licensing and publishing agreements, joint development agreements, technology partnering agreements, and other agreements relating to the acquisition of intangible property.

X [Ventures] assists clients in structuring and overseeing intellectual property "audits" in connection with the purchase, acquisition or license of media properties and technology, and in connection with avoiding infringing the rights of others. We structure and oversee these audits, in conjunction with our client's local legal and accounting firms, to make an informed risk assessment as to whether a proposed transferor owns the technology or media content; whether the ownership of the intangible rights is encumbered in any way; whether all relevant registrations are valid; whether the necessary consulting agreements have been signed to convey ownership to the company for technology or content developed by consultants; and whether other prerequisites for adequate protection of intellectual property rights have been satisfied. We also structure and oversee audits to determine whether a product developed by a company may infringe the intellectual property rights of a third party.

X [Ventures] has extensive experience in counseling high technology clients in the creation, implementation, and maintenance of patent programs for the strategic protection of a company's products and technology. We help clients in the convergence industries define potentially patentable inventions, secure patent protection and exploit patent assets, and work with our client's local legal firms to implement our recommendations in the relevant jurisdictions where our client will do business. In the area of copyright, our experience covers television, film, multimedia and Internet content, computer software, and digital delivery platforms. X [Ventures] assists clients in protecting new technologies and content through copyright, and to avoid copyright infringement when developing competitive products.


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