Arbitration and Mediation

Never before have new industries been conceived, develop and change as fast as the convergence companies of today. New legal, regulatory and business issues are raised by the cutting edge activities of these new economy companies. In many instances the issues are matters of first impression for the law, where the law has not developed as quickly as the business. As such, misunderstandings and disputes are bound to occur as companies operating in Asia's emerging markets push the envelope.

Alternative dispute resolution ('ADR') has become an accepted method for resolving disputes between contracting parties throughout the world. Mediation and other out of court settlement methods, including arbitration, are being more frequently invoked in Asia to help resolve contractual disagreements between companies.

Because of our broad understanding of the technical, business and legal aspects of today's convergence industries, we are uniquely positioned to act as a mediator or party selected arbitrator in ADR. While not our core business, due to our extensive experience in these cutting edge industries, and the value such experience can bring to successfully resolving a dispute, we do consider appointments to act as a mediator or arbitrator on a selective basis.



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