Effective Cyber Security Consulting to Protect Your Company from Rising Cyber Threats

Cyber threats have become one of the most pressing concerns for businesses around the globe, as data breach costs have risen dramatically and continue to rise. On average companies lose millions per data breach and with the average time to detect and contain a breach being upwards of 279 days according to research from IBM Security. Unfortunately, few companies have the in-house resources needed to combat this rising threat, and many continue to fail to take cyber security concerns as seriously as they should.

Critical Strategic Risks Approach: Seeking a Path to Protect the Best Interests of the Client

The fact is that cyber security, cybercrime, government data compliance, and digital privacy concerns are all board-level strategic risks for today’s companies. However, most corporate boards lack the capacity or expertise to properly address concerns like ransomware attacks, data privacy breaches, data integrity maintenance, or even simple phishing attacks. Many companies struggle just to accommodate lawful government demands for data during international investigations. X Ventures has the expertise and experience your company needs to address these critical issues with effective cyber security consulting that can help you protect your company’s interests and reputation.

High-Level Cyber Security Consulting and Cybercrime

When you partner with X Ventures, your company can rely on our full range of cyber security services, including:

Cyber Security Risk Assessment and Response Preparation

X Ventures will work with your company’s leadership, project managers, selected cyber security vendors, and other stakeholders to conduct an expert-level cyber security risk assessment. We can help you identify your company’s security vulnerabilities, including hardware, network, systems, and process weaknesses that may leave sensitive data unprotected against cyber criminals, intellectual property thieves, and other threats. We can also assist your company with response plans and playbook development so that when a breach occurs the company is prepared to respond at all of the various levels needed to contain the risk and minimize cyber-attack damage.

Board-Level Risk Management Consultations

Despite recent advancements in bringing cybersecurity and data privacy concerns to the forefront at board meetings, one fact remains true: most board members lack the technical expertise and experience needed to provide effective guidance to address these issues. X Ventures can help your company’s board more efficiently mitigate these risks with board-level risk management consultations that provide board members with the information they need to create and implement a strategy that addresses the full range of cyber security threats.

Cybercrime Liaison Services

When cybercrime occurs, local, regional, and international law enforcement often responds with lawful requests for data from the affected companies. Companies need to be prepared to quickly respond to data breaches and other cybercrimes. X Ventures has the technical and legal knowledge your company needs to effectively deal with law enforcement demands and efficiently respond to cyber threats and criminal acts.

Data Protection and Integrity Assistance

At X Ventures, we take a holistic and balanced approach to managing cyber security, to ensure that your company has the assistance it needs for optimal data protection and data integrity. We understand how critical these issues are for every modern business, and work with you to ensure that your company has the advice and technical resources it needs to properly protect data, safeguard data systems, and respond quickly to cybercrime when it happens.

To learn more about how X Ventures can help your business meet the challenges of modern cybercrime with effective cyber security consulting, contact us today.

Contact Us Today for Cyber Security Consulting Services

To learn more about how X Ventures can help your business meet the challenges of modern cybercrime with effective cyber security consulting, contact us today.

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