The U.S. Intellectual Property Protection Services Your Company Needs

Asian companies can face many challenges in their efforts to enter the United States marketplace. For many of those companies, one of the biggest challenges involves intellectual property protection and the need to obtain U.S. patent protection and trademark registration. Other companies may need to secure licensing agreements with U.S. patent-holders prior to entering U.S. markets. X Ventures provides the intellectual property protection services your company needs to secure patents, negotiate licensing agreements, and register trademarks in the United States.

A Full Range of End-to-End U.S. Intellectual Property Protection Services

At X Ventures, our intellectual property consultations and services are designed to help your company achieve its IP protection goals in the most effective and efficient manner possible. We understand how important it is for our Asian clients to protect their IP as they work to build their U.S. market identity. Being based in Asia, we’re strategically positioned to help those clients secure U.S. IP rights to protect their interests both in the United States and throughout Asia.

We also offer our Western clients the support and advice they need when engaging in transactions in Asia. Our thorough familiarity with the law, our clients’ technology, business, and markets, and our deep understanding of both Asian and American culture help to ensure that we provide the most effective representation at the negotiating table. That’s why X Ventures clients know that they can rely on us to represent their interests in the most strategic and effective manner possible.

How X Ventures Can Help with Your IP Protection Needs

At X Ventures, we can help your company develop, establish, and implement the processes you need to secure your intellectual property rights in the United States, and protect those rights once you have them. Our consultation services can help you select the right combination of IP protection options for your unique company needs, to ensure that your intellectual property has the full protection needed to safeguard your business interests.

We can recommend and help your company protect itself using any available IP protection options, including:

  • U.S. patents
  • U.S. copyrights
  • U.S. Trademark protection
  • Any necessary licensing

Our team can help our Asian client companies draft patent applications for U.S. IP protection, and we also provide licensing services for their operations in Asia. In addition, we manage U.S. trademark filings, prosecutions, and licensing processes for all our clients who need them.

An Integrated Approach to IP Consultations

X Ventures relies on a unique, integrated approach to consulting. We provide comprehensive services that cover the entire IP protection process from end-to-end, including:

  • Start-up counseling for development, application, and commercialization of new technology, products, and services
  • Assistance securing any necessary U.S. patents, copyrights, or trademarks
  • Representation before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  • Consultation and assistance with the development of licensing, distribution, and joint venture agreements
  • Oversight and assistance with intellectual property audits.

For your company’s intellectual property protection needs, you deserve only the best consultation, assistance, and representation.

Contact Us Today for U.S. Intellectual Property Protection Services

X Ventures is the one partner you can rely on to provide the world-class representation your company needs to maintain its edge in an increasingly fast-paced business environment.

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