Transactions for the Technology, Communication and Entertainment Industries

The communication and entertainment industries have undergone a dramatic transformation in recent years, and the pace of innovation will no doubt continue for the foreseeable future. As today’s entertainment and communication companies evolve, however, they are confronted with new business, legal, and technical challenges that must be overcome to succeed in an ever-evolving digital environment. X Ventures provides the representation and consultation services these companies need to survive, grow, and prosper in the new digital economy.

Overcoming Communication and Entertainment Challenges in the Digital Age

X Ventures recognizes the challenges confronting companies in the communication and entertainment industries. That’s why our representation encompasses every industry category, including infrastructure and digital delivery platform companies, digital broadband delivery technology developers, and media firms that develop content for distribution through motion pictures, television, and digital avenues.

At X Ventures, we provide a full array of representation services, leveraging our deep business, legal, and technical understanding of these important industries. That unique insight into the communication and entertainment industries has helped us be well-positioned to provide the assistance data broadcast and multimedia clients need as they move to expand and broaden their businesses and service offerings in the new digital economy.

A Broad Spectrum of Technical, Legal, and Business Representation Services

Our broad spectrum of services can assist clients with many of the most complex challenges they face today, including:

  • Negotiation assistance to secure and acquire new critical technologies
  • Negotiations and consultations to secure or develop entertainment content
  • Consulting to help efforts to build out new digital delivery platforms
  • Start-up phase assistance that provides part-time senior management and counseling oversight through board representation
  • Assistance with joint venture agreements
  • Licensing assistance to acquire internet content rights
  • Client representation for value-added technology that enhances per-subscriber revenues

In addition, X Ventures serves the entertainment industry with content protection services, intellectual property rights protection, negotiations to secure, acquire, and digitalize entertainment assets like film libraries, and assistance with legal actions to initiate enforcement actions to address intellectual property right violations.

We also work with enabling companies in the computing industry, including broadcast satellite firms, personal computer manufacturers, broadband semiconductor designers, and software development firms. For those companies, X Ventures provides counsel and assistance for obtaining patent protection and intellectual property licensing agreements with third parties. Our expertise and experience enables us to provide computer and software companies with the cutting-edge advice they need to properly secure their intellectual property rights through patent, copyright, trade secret, and licensing arrangements that enable them to leverage those rights on a global scale.

As the communication and entertainment industries continue to involve, it’s important to partner with a someone who can provide the assistance and support you need to maximize your business opportunities. X Ventures offers the full range of consultation, negotiation, and licensing assistance services your company needs to protect its interests and achieve your business goals.

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