Arbitration and Mediation Services for Today’s Evolving Marketplace

The digital age has seen an unprecedented level of innovation and business activity, as rapidly-evolving and expanding markets have led to the rapid creation of entire new industries. The rapid pace of that change has created new legal, business, and regulatory issues as the old economy’s legal structures, business practices, and regulatory regimes have struggled to keep pace. Often, these new legal issues represent cases of first impression as companies operating throughout Asia’s markets continue to push the envelope.

Your Partner for Effective Conflict Resolution

Unfortunately, the combination of a rapidly-evolving marketplace and the traditional slow pace of legislative and regulatory response to change means that misunderstandings and disputes are all but inevitable during periods of tremendous innovation like the one we’re now experiencing. For companies and industries involved in such business disputes, resolution often involves lengthy and costly legal action that always runs the risk of disrupting business activities, growth, and innovation. Fortunately, arbitration and mediation services can help resolve many of these issues without the need for protracted court actions.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

Alternative Dispute Resolution, or ADR, is now recognized as a viable alternative to resolve many business disputes around the world. ADR solutions can involve a variety of out-of-court settlement methods, including arbitration and mediation. These solutions provide opposing parties an out of court option for resolving conflicts in a mutually beneficial and agreeable manner and are an increasingly popular way for companies in Asia to address contractual disputes and other legal conflicts.

Arbitration versus Mediation: Understanding their Important Role in Conflict Resolution

Arbitration and mediation share some similarities – including the fact that they’re both considered viable alternatives to formal litigation. In addition, both options rely on neutral third-parties to help oversee the process, and the results can be binding in some cases. Most mediation efforts are non-binding, while arbitration is typically a binding process used in place of a trial.

The decision by the parties to agree to arbitration or mediation in the original contract is a critical point of any negotiation as it requires written agreement prior to initiating the alternative dispute resolution process.

How X Ventures Can Help Your Company with Mediation and Arbitration

Though arbitration and mediation are not our core business at X Ventures, our broad understanding and insight into the technical, business, and legal aspects of today’s convergence industries makes us well-positioned to assist in alternative dispute resolution as a mediator, arbitrator or co-counsel.

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If your company is in need of arbitration or mediation, contact us today to learn whether our knowledge and experience with cutting edge industries can help you.

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