Cutting-Edge Technology Licensing Agreement and Technology Transfer Services

Technology is always evolving, offering today’s high-tech innovators new and creative options for expanding their companies to better serve their customers’ needs. For globally-minded firms, those expansions are increasingly dependent upon procuring access to satellite resources, obtaining broadcast technology and licensing, and negotiating major cross-media transactions for cable and internet distribution of content. X Ventures has the expertise and experience to help your company meet its unique cutting-edge technology licensing and negotiation needs.

Licensing, Leasing, Negotiations, and Representation for Your Technology Needs

At X Ventures, we are uniquely positioned to assist clients throughout the satellite, cable, and broadcast industries. Our deep understanding of these industries enables us to provide clients with the highly personalized representation they need to manage virtually every aspect of their licensing, leasing, and negotiation needs. As a result, we can provide those clients with the technology licensing, software licensing, and technology transfer agreements they need to pursue and meet their business objectives.

Broadcast Technology Negotiation, Acquisition, and Licensing

As digitization continues to remake the modern economy, Asian satellite, cable, and broadcasting firms are evolving to rise to the challenge. Even as new satellite, cable, and broadband systems are being deployed throughout Asia, firms in the region are moving to secure access to these technologies to keep pace with the digital revolution. The convergence and intersection of data, video, and internet services are creating new opportunities for businesses in Asia, as the old barriers between internet and broadcasting companies disappear.

As these changes continue apace, X Ventures is there to help our clients expand their offerings, remain competitive, and enjoy sustained business success. Whether you need representation and assistance with satellite procurement, launch and space segment leasing, or negotiated deals for direct-to-home satellite television systems, set-top boxes, and programming, we can ensure that your company’s best interests are represented and advanced in a way that maximizes your potential for business success.

Representation for Technology and Content Vendors

X Ventures offers end-to-end assistance throughout the digital pay television industry, and can negotiate contracts for broadcast technology acquisition, conditional access system and middleware software licensing, set-top box supply and distribution agreements, and more. We also represent clients with content licensing agreements for programming content and assist with cross-media transactions like joint partnerships to launch streaming services or securing licensing to distribute television content on the internet.

The Negotiating and Licensing Experts You Need for Success

Our deep insight into these industries leaves us well-positioned to effectively represent content providers and satellite, broadcast, and internet technology vendors in their negotiations with satellite operators, broadcasters, and internet companies. We are also able to represent satellite and technology vendors and content providers in their negotiations in both Asia and the West.

When your business needs representation for negotiations in technology and content licensing, rely on an experienced partner you can count on to be there every step of the way.

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